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Hose TypeType PCD
Order No.Type PCD
Short DescriptionUniversal-Pharmacy-Hose 'Clean' (without helix)
DescriptionUniversal hose POLYPAL CLEAN with light grey cover, for clean chemicals, cosmetics, paints and glues, washing and cleaning products, hygienic / sanitary products and foodstuffs, see resistance chart.
Temperature range - 30° C up to + 100° C, depending on medium. Steaming out for cleaning and sterilisation permissible up to 130° C, max. 30 minutes (open ends). Meets EN 12115.
ApplicationAs pressure hose for discharge in wet and dry hose systems. Also suitable as reel hose provided the inner pressure reaches min. 0,5 bar to avoid kinking.
POLYPAL CLEAN is universally suitable for most liquids, high viscous and powdery media, except of brome, brominated hydrocarbons, chlorine, chlorosulfonic acid, fluorine and strongly oxidising acids such as concentrated nitric acid, smoking sulfuric acid (oleum). For details see chemical resistance chart.

The hose proved that critical mediums such as toluene and acetone show no perceptible discolouring of the conveyed product, even in wet hose conditions.

Cover: Clean surfaces due to scuff-proof light grey rubber.
Lining: The smooth UPE lining allows good drainage and easy cleaning when changing medium.
UPE is resistant against all commercial cleaning agents up to 100° Celsius. The 'open' steaming out and sterilisation is possible with saturated steam up to 130° Celsius for max. 30 minutes. Do not use steam nozzles which can destroy the lining by localised overheating.
LiningUPE bright, with OHM conductive stripe, smooth, no discolouration, abrasion resistant, electrically conductive
ReinforcementsTextile braids, form SD additionally with galvanised steel helix
CoverEPDM, electrically conductive, light-grey with OHM conductive stripe, ozone-, UV and flame-resistant
UPE lining conform to FDA and USP Class VI. The material fulfills regulations EC 1935/2004 and EC 10/2011. Confirmation of mentioned electrostatic properties by PTB and ZAFT, certificate No. ZAFT Ex 209906-9.
MarkingBlue-white-blue spirals and embossed continuously complying with standard:

ELAFLEX PCD 25 · POLYPAL CLEAN · EN 12115 · UPE · D · Ω/T · 100ºC · 16 BAR · · ContiTech · MADE IN GERMANY · 3Q-16

Size: DN 13 to DN 50
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